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Outdoor Theatre

Are you looking to enhance your entertainment experience? You can with an outdoor theatre in your very own backyard.

Having your own outdoor theatre is a really fun and unique way to make the most of your backyard. Adults and kids alike love the big screen! What better way to change up your regular scenery and create an unforgettable experience than to watch the latest movie release, live sport or play your video games out under the stars. 

The versatility of outdoor theatres is like no other

Do you want to stream a workout video? Create a backdrop for your party or gathering? What about create a staycation destination in your own backyard? There is so much you can do with an outdoor theatre in your backyard - your home will be the favourite go-to entertainment destination for your family and friends.

Quality screens and projectors for your outdoor theatre

Enhance your viewing experience when you invest in a quality outdoor screen and projector for your outdoor theatre. Our range of screens and projectors have been sourced so that you can get the most out of your outdoor entertainment. You will experience high quality resolution, brightness and contrast on fit-for-purpose smooth, reflective screens that evenly distribute light for enhanced picture quality and a better viewing experience, even at ambient light levels. 

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